Why Powdered Products?

January 18, 2021


As suppliers of soluble beverages, our main value proposition is our powdered products.

But, what advantages do they provide compared to the rest of the drinks on the market?

The powder composition of our instant drinks opens up a scenario of total freedom in the design of formulations. Being able to create healthy drinks that offer more properties.

The high performance of our powdered products achieves a significant reduction in packaging, a determining aspect in distribution and transportation. Giving the possibility of creating sustainable drinks with a lower impact on the environment.

Easy-to-prepare instant powdered drinks, water does not require prior preparation as with traditional infusions. The single dose format adapts to the demands of today’s lifestyle:

  • For individual enjoyment or for a dinner with friends.
  • At work or in the gym.
  • Stop after a walk around the city or on an excursion enjoying a natural environment.

Innovative solutions that generate value for the end consumer.

There are plenty of arguments to trust our instant drinks.